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Testimonials – Glenn Odero

Trying to describe my thoughts of taking classes at “The Acting Studio” seemed easy at first.  You write down a few sentences saying things like, “This class is awesome”, “you MUST take this class” and that’s it.  But, my time at “The Acting Studio” is more than just that.  It is more than coming in to class, and filming a scene.  It is an experience.

I was always interested in acting and wanting to take acting classes and found “The Acting Studio” online through a web search.  But there was one problem.  I was and at times am still VERY SHY and was very hesitant to take the classes in fear of embarrassing myself in front of the other students.  I contacted Darcy inquiring about the classes and he encouraged me to come and take the class.  So, two years later in Feb ’10, I built up the courage and decided to take the class.  I never looked back.  The only regret about my decision was that, I should have taken Darcy’s invitation two years earlier.

One thing I never anticipated about Darcy’s classes was not only how much I would learn about acting, through Darcy’s teachings, but from my fellow classmates.  Students of various levels of experience attend the class.  The experience level ranges from people who are in honours programs in University to people who have never taken an acting class in their lives.  Regardless of their experience, watching them perform their scenes, watching them go through the learning, and watching them improve and get better not only from week to week, but from take to take, is nothing short of inspiring for me and motivates me to step up my performance.  Watching my classmates perform, learning from their performances, and watching them improve along the way is truly a privilege.  I’m very happy to say that even classmates who have the least experience in acting, were able to teach and show me things about acting, which in turn, helped me improve on my performances.

The class, above all, is a very FUN place to go and learn about acting.  It is a place where you can go to play, be revealing, learn about acting, learn about yourself and find a new level of self-confidence you thought you never had.  To give perspective, I started out as someone who took two years to build up the courage to go to the class and fast forward a few months later, I am acting out scenes where I am crying in front of people.  In the end, you leave Darcy’s class feeling inspired and with a sense of happiness that you did great work and worked with great people in class.

To say, “The Acting Studio is a place to learn acting for film and screen” is not truly an accurate description. It is also a place of discovery and re-discovery.  Not only about acting, but yourself.

Glenn Odero


Testimonials – Cindy Myskiw

Darcy and the Acting Studio Winnipeg have been a huge help to me in my acting career.  He has helped me gain confidence in being on camera and with acting as myself on screen.  Darcy is an open minded, inspiring instructor.  He has lots of creative energy that he easily lends out to his students.  He has a way of putting people at ease and making them feel totally comfortable giving the best they can on camera as well as off.  He brings out the best in people!  He lets everyone feel they can be anything they want and is willing to let anyone try something new!  Thanks, Darcy for being such an inspiration!

Cindy Myskiw


Testimonials – Nan Fewchuk

The Acting Studio is a safe haven for upcoming film actors wishing to learn, study, and practice their craft. I first entered as a novice and was warmly welcomed and, at the same time, taken seriously. Darcy Fehr is a passionate, insightful, knowledgeable, and experienced teacher with a reputable resume, and someone who is well-connected to the film industry. He is committed to helping his students develop as film actors and provides an environment where one feels comfortable and not intimidated. Students are cast in a scene, directed in rehearsal, and then participate in a “shooting” day. The following week, the class observes all work which is skillfully edited and played on “the big screen” to be constructively critiqued.

If you are interested in film acting and increasing your knowledge of the film business in general, The Acting Studio is well worth your buck.


Nan Fewchuk


Testimonials – Virine Bahadoosingh

My journey of personal development led me to classes at The Acting Studio. I wanted to overcome my shyness and nervousness. Subsequently, I was bitten by the acting bug. I spent about 2 years there. I’ve since done things I never thought I would ever have the guts to do! The progression of rehearsal, crewing and acting, then reviewing the end result, was valuable and rewarding. My experience at the Acting Studio was very positive. I was challenged to push myself beyond my comfort zone and explore and extend my personal boundaries. As a result, I am able to delve further into character, emotion and truth. I now consider myself an actor who is able to compete for a role with confidence.

Virine Bahadoosingh


Testimonials – Chuck Labossiere

I had such a blast learning at the Acting Studio. There’s so much to be aware of, more than people would think. Darcy Fehr is an awesome teacher and a super nice guy. He really made all of us “strangers” feel very comfortable with each other, like one big happy family. He has an approach that really inspires his students to bring their best. On top of all that, I met some really cool people!

-Chuck Labossiere


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