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Scene Work: The Help (2014)

Scene Study from Tate Taylor Period-Dramedy: THE HELP (2014)

Players: Adeline Bird, Anita Daher

Director: Darcy Fehr
DOP: Cam Patterson, JJ Javier
Editor: Jean-Jacques Javier
Sound: Charlene Pawluck
Boom Operator: Meyer Lapkin

Filming Date: 20-February-2018


Scene Work: Still Alice (2011)

Scene Work from the Richard Glatzer Drama:


Players: Adeline Bird, Charlene Pawluck

Director: Darcy Fehr
DOP: Darcy Fehr, JJ Javier
Editor: Jean-Jacques Javier
Sound: Katerina Dawson
Boom: Sean Menick, Anita Daher

Filming Date: 23-January-2018


Scene Work: The Fighter (2010)

Scene Work from the David O’Russell Biographical Drama: THE FIGHTER (2010)

Players: Adeline Bird, Jesse Laing

Director: Darcy Fehr
DOP: JJ Javier, Darcy Fehr
Editor: Jean-Jacques Javier

Filming Date: 18-Decemeber-2017


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