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The Acting Studio Winnipeg

Welcome to the sandbox!


Acting For the Camera: Performance and Professional Development


Currently enrolling new students!



$175+gst per month

($160+gst for ACTRA, Equity and members of Winnipeg Film Group)

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There are 2 classes available and they begin on the first Monday or Tuesday of every month:

(All classes require a minimum 3 month commitment)

Mondays – 7 pm-10 pm* – instructor Darcy Fehr – max. 12 participants

Tuesdays – 7 pm-10 pm* – instructor Darcy Fehr – max. 12 participants

To register, audit or for more information, contact: the_acting_studio@live.com


*Cost of each class is $175+gst per month.

($160+gst for ACTRA, C.A.E.A. and members of Winnipeg Film Group or Video Pool)
Payment is due before the first class of every month.

Classes take place at: Winnipeg Film Group 305-100 Arthur Street Winnipeg, MB. R3B 1H3

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The Class Breakdown
Week 1 – The Journey & Discovery
A few days before the start of each week one class, a scene and its accompanying script will be sent to you via e-mail. The first class is devoted to scene study and rehearsal. Here we focus on establishing character as well as uncovering what is not on the written page.

Week 2 & 3 – The Shoot – On-Set Preparation
Each scene will be shot with a focus on playing for the camera, i.e. finding eye-lines/ marks, adjusting performance to match frame size, cheating for the camera, etc. Our intent is to provide as realistic a setting as possible so that when you walk onto an actual set (if you haven’t already) you’ll be familiar with what is thrown at you.

Week 4 – Popcorn Night
We get together, review and critique the edited scenes.


The Acting Studio Winnipeg is a place where actors and filmmakers come together to work on their craft. Please email us if you have any questions. Enjoy the work!

Darcy Fehr – Instructor and Facilitator

Darcy Fehr
Darcy Fehr has been acting professionally since 1997. Among his most notable films are, Guy Maddin's "My Winnipeg", "Passionflower" and "Heaven Is For Real". He is the recipient of two ACTRA MB acting awards in 2014 and 2016. Darcy has been sharing his unique acting experiences at The Acting Studio Winnipeg since 2008.

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