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Scene Work: Superbad (2007)

Scene for the Greg Mottola buddy film: SUPERBAD (2007)

Players: Callum Herron, Connor McBride

Director: Darcy Fehr
DOP: JJ.Javier, Darcy Fher, Aaron Hughes
Editor: Jean-Jacques Javier

Filming Date: July 2017


Scene Work: 25th Hour (2002)

Scene Study from Spike Lee’s Joint: 25th Hour (2002)

Players: C.Herron, JJ.Javier

Director: Darcy Fehr
DOP: Darcy Fehr, Glenn Odero
Editor: Jean-Jacques Javier
Sound: Reegan Bourgeois
Boom: Justin Fry
Script Supervisor: Karl Thordarson

Filming Date: April 2017


Scene Work: 50/50 (2011)

Scene Study from the Jonathon Levine’s’s dramedy: 50/50 (2011)

Players: C.Herron, J.Rubin, SJ.Marquez-Hicks, A.Phillips

Director: Cam Patterson
DOP: Darcy Fehr, Glenn Odero, Cameron Paterson
Editor: Jean-Jacques Javier
Sound: Aaron Hughes
Boom: Darcy Waite

Filming Date: March 2017


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