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Scene Work: Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Scene Work from Ang Lee’s Romantic Melodrama: BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN (2005)

Players: Dakota Nickels, Ash Sealgair

Director: Darcy Fehr
DOP: Darcy Fehr, Glenn Odero
Editor: Connor McBride
Sound: Adeline Bird
Boom Operator: Reegan Bourgeois
Script Supervisor: Aaron Hughes

Filming Date: 20-November-2017


Scene Work: Dread (2009)

Scene Work for the Anthony Diblasi directed, Clive Barker Thriller- Novella: DREAD (2009)

Players: Reegan Bourgeois, Dakota Nickels

Director: Aaron Hughes
DOP: Aaron Hughes, Glenn Odero
Editor: Jean-Jacques Javier
Sound: Ward Massner
Boom: Ash Sealgair
Script: Robbie Ninalga Ambrosio

Filming Date: 23-October-2017


Scene Work: Hell or High Water (2016)

Scene Work from the David McKenzie directed, Taylor Sheridan Neo-Western Crime Thriller:

Players: Gino Anania, Dakota Nickels, Ariel Leo

Director: Darcy Fehr
DOP: Darcy Fehr, Glenn Odero
Editor: Jean-Jacques Javier

Filming Date: 18-September-2017


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