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The Acting Studio Winnipeg

Scene Work: Blue Valentine
G. Odero, A. Moore

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Director: Darcy Fehr
DOP: Darcy Fehr
Editor(s): Jean Jacques Javier


Testimonials – Ashley Moore

Darcy doesn’t settle, he gets you to dig deep into the work. In his class you get in front of the camera and it’s great because you begin to feel comfortable being in front of the lens. He respects the choices you make and he runs with them. He loves it when you take risks and you feel rewarded when you see your scene on screen. I couldn’t imagine taking the leap from words on a page, to being on film without Darcy. His classes were fundamental in my growth process as an actor.

Ashley Moore


Welcome to the Sandbox

sand·box (sand-bäks′) noun : a box containing sand for people to play in.


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