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Testimonials – Sherry Trudeau

The Acting Studio is a true home for the Actor that bridges the gap between craft and technical understanding. Darcy has made it a place that combines both the process of Scene Analysis and Character Study as well as the technical aspects involved with being on set. If you are looking for a Studio whereby you can evolve both as an Actor and Person, then look no further. I have grown so much as an Actor and have come to understand that the Preparation and Moments of Discovery (Happy Accidents) that come with Darcy’s style of coaching is key to an Actors Journey. Darcy is a visionary, intuitive man who has such a deep grasp on what is needed to guide you thru the process. My belief is that whether you are an Actor just starting out or professional looking for a place to exercise your acting muscles, then The Acting Studio offers the training you need to continue your Journey.

I personally Thank You very much for your coaching and guidance Darcy, my time there helped in giving me the courage and confidence to continue my journey here in Vancouver. I find many of your words and Darcyness 😉 resonating with me still.

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