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Testimonials – Nan Fewchuk

The Acting Studio is a safe haven for upcoming film actors wishing to learn, study, and practice their craft. I first entered as a novice and was warmly welcomed and, at the same time, taken seriously. Darcy Fehr is a passionate, insightful, knowledgeable, and experienced teacher with a reputable resume, and someone who is well-connected to the film industry. He is committed to helping his students develop as film actors and provides an environment where one feels comfortable and not intimidated. Students are cast in a scene, directed in rehearsal, and then participate in a “shooting” day. The following week, the class observes all work which is skillfully edited and played on “the big screen” to be constructively critiqued.

If you are interested in film acting and increasing your knowledge of the film business in general, The Acting Studio is well worth your buck.


Nan Fewchuk


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